What is Mazad?

Mazad B.S.C. (c) “Mazad” was established on April 2017 to organize and supervise auctions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Mazad was established with the responsibility of managing and organizing auctions of different types of assets in collaboration with internationally renowned auction houses.

With an unwavering commitment to its core values of transparency, fairness, competitiveness and sustainability, Mazad strives to introduce new and innovative asset sale and auction mechanisms to aid the Kingdom’s market growth and revenue optimization.

Since its establishment Mazad has successfully introduced special vehicle license plate numbers for sale in public auctions for the first time in Bahrain, and has continued to do so with great success. Subsequently, other assets were introduced for sale through auction ranging from vehicles to real estate projects.


To be Bahrain’s favored choice and an industry leader in the auctions services industry by providing a pioneering, innovative, rewarding and entertaining experience for our customers.


To lead the auction services industry by creating value and opportunity, while providing exemplary services and ensuring the highest standards possible.


  • Transparency
  • Competitiveness
  • Fairness
  • Sustainability



Phone: +973 17 561345
Email: info@mazad.bh


United Tower 
26th Floor, Office 2603
Building 316, Road 4609
Block 346, Bahrain Bay
Kingdom of Bahrain



P.O. Box 820
Kingdom of Bahrain

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